Sample Essay Paper on Strengthen Your Knowledge of EBP

The University of Massachusetts Medical School website is a harbor of knowledge, especially on Evidenced Based Practise. The site contains an array of evidence-based articles written by Frank J. Domino, M.D. His article on Sleep and School Grades captivated me the most. The result of getting enough hours of sleep is not just limited to a healthy physical body but also a healthy mind. The article notes a 10-week research undertaken among elementary school students. The research involved the students, parents, and school principals. The students were influenced to sleep more hours and more efficiently. This led to them improving their performance in English and Mathematics without the direct intervention of a teacher (“Sleep and School Grades,” 2016). This information goes a long way in ascertaining the fact that evidence-based practices will always yield good results. In addition to just telling students to sleep, evidence-based practice approaches tell them the reason and the expected outcomes. This information also encourages one to use the EBP approach whenever faced with a piece of doubtful information. The results will either support or oppose the claim.    

The information regarding EBP that I have obtained in this site will be used to inform and change my sleeping durations and make sleeping more efficient. I currently get a pint of sleep and most times this happens when am watching some form of entertainment. This information is likely to change my stance concerning sleep; it is a very important activity that has the capacity to alter my performance for the better. I plan on sleeping for more hours and changing my sleeping environment. This change can almost accurately guarantee me of improved attention during the day and better performance at my workplace as a clinical practitioner.


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