Sample Essay Paper on SAP Appeal Statement

RE: SAP Appeal Statement

I write to request the University to consider reviewing the decision of my dismissal. I ask to be considered and subsequently reinstated for the coming course.

The just ended session was somehow complex and as a result recorded a low performance. It was quite demoralizing when I gazed on the grades. Though not trying to deviate from the fact that I performed dismally, I felt that I let down not only myself, but also my family who hoped that I would earn a bachelor degree from such a great University. There were several reasons that posed difficulty and lose of concentration in my studies. Earlier, I was involved in a fatal accident that paralyzed some people who were involved. As a result of the accident I was forced to blend between studies and hospital which proved tiresome and somehow hard to manage.

Having been lucky to survive the accident, I had to undergo a number of surgeries to have everything fixed thus spending much of my study times at the hospital. Even though I tried peeping through the reading resources availed, I was in much pain plus the doctor’s requirement that I have maximum rest.

I would be grateful if my goal of getting a university degree would be rekindled. I am now able to freely study with my new schedule that I have since adapted that outlines my study and relaxation time since I have healed. I will also join the toturing programme if available in the coming classes. I will stay focused on my studies since I have been warned on frequent travels that I was involved in the previous course.

It would be a pleasure if my appeal will be considered so as to bring my study dream live again.

Attached are copies of documents supporting my appeal;

  • My doctor’s note stating that I was under his care and that I am ready to attend classes.
  • A copy of the hospital bill stating the time and date I was diagnosed.