Sample Essay Paper on Public Speaking: Informative Speech

Public Speaking: Informative Speech

Option 1; evaluating speeches

The vimeo video does not meet the criteria for a good informative speech. There are many aspects that have not been fulfilled by this speech; for example, the statement is not direct, and this has created more room for confusion. The speech statement has not been worded powerfully in a way that demonstrates a unique approach.

To improve the speech, the main points should be well integrated; each point should stand as an independent idea. Points should have internal transitions, previews plus sign posting.  Creative language should be used for introducing evidence. Different issues that are in this speech should be organized for meeting specific purpose in the speech. In addition, sentences should be created carefully. It is important to use words that are familiar with the audience; superfluous words should be avoided, it is vital to demonstrate an economy of language. Effective transitions should be utilized for connecting the main points.

Option 3: Pre writing and speech development

The topic that I have chosen for my informative speech is the health impact of nurse shortage on the future of the American health sector. I have a wide array of knowledge concerning the audience level of knowledge. I will be speaking to an audience that is interested in understanding the effects of nurse shortage in the American health sector. The audience is familiar with the basic nursing, but it will be important to give them a brief review of key terms and concepts at the beginning of the speech, this will help to refresh their memories without having to patronize them.

I believe that the aspect of the topic that the audience will find interesting is when I describe the relevance of my topic to them. It will be significant to also know about the attitude of the audience towards the topic; this is because it will help me to determine the best way in which I achieve the objectives. Having knowledge about the size of the audience will also be good, if the audience is big then the speech will need to be more formal, if small then the speech can be informal, for example, sitting down. Demographic is another aspect that should be considered in regards to audience. Demographic is inclusive of age, religion, ethnicity and other factors. Consideration of these factors will help me discuss on elements that are relevant to described group.