Sample Essay Paper on Process Types

Process Types

In this week’s class post, I evaluated the nature of operations, process choice, and process layout in Wal-Mart. I learned that the flow structures of the supply chain processes helps the company to deliver quality products and services. Such flow structures affect the company’s facility layout, resources and work processes. The operation process is crucial in understanding the firm’s strategy for the development of the competitive advantage. Wal-Mart have successfully benefited from the proper selection of process. The selection of the process usually relies on the business strategy of the company. From a marketing perspective, Wal-Mart uses the differentiation and low cost strategies to enhance performance and productivity.

After the week’s reading, I was able to appreciate the need to organize the workstations of the companies in proper manner. The proper organization of the work structures and processes is appropriate in enhancing the performance of the company. It identifies the nature of the process layout needed in dealing with the higher volumes of output .Wal-Mart has enjoyed economics of scale from the efficient process layouts. Since, the layouts are able to allow specific processes to work more efficiently by organizing resources. This makes the companies able to produce large volumes of products and services in their daily production rates (Krajewski, Larry and Manoj 59). Most importantly, the recognition of the operations, process layouts and process selection offers advanced cost advantages among the workers. However, the extensive product layouts and processes demands for more spaces compared to the process layouts. This is because some tools and equipments cannot be shared among the workers performing the same roles and responsibilities. As a result, the week’s reading are useful in understanding  operations, process choice and process layout in the society.

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