Sample Essay Paper on Philosophy


Philosophy is the study of examining about questionable ethical problems which aims at knowledge that combines a variety of convictions, prejudices and beliefs. My philosophy in life is premised on a number of principles which have helped me to realize some of my goals thus achieving certain things in life. My beliefs that the culture in which I have been brought up have played a crucial role in shaping my philosophy of life. This essay analyzes defines philosophy, analyzes my philosophy of life and how my philosophy influences me both personally and professionally.

My life philosophy can be described in three levels; first, I try to make the best of any situation, whatever the circumstances. Second I attach great importance to personal freedoms, including the freedom of economic opportunity and other fundamental freedoms that are enshrined in the constitution of my country. I feel that people should be given freedom to take their own decision and this should not be curtailed by regulations because they are rights and not privileges. I have a liberal economic philosophy whereby I feel that the country should allow its citizens to take their own decisions on issues that are likely to affect the economy.  Finally, I have an attachment to economic freedom because I am of the view that people should be given economic freedom.

I am influenced by my philosophy both on a personal level and professionally for the reason that philosophy guides most of the decisions that I take in life. My attachment to economic freedoms has led me to espouse a liberal economic philosophy has influenced my views on economic policies in developed, socialist and developing countries alike. In addition, my philosophy has influenced my desires in life and it is for this reason that I am taking a course related to philosophy.