Sample Essay Paper on Opinion Writing versus Blogging

Opinion writing differs from blogging in terms of the tone and approach that the authors utilize. Opinion writing involves the author’s approach of taking a stand on a topic and enumerating personal views in support of this stand, based on facts, definitions, and details (Gentry & McNeel 168-170). On the other hand, blogging involves the author’s use of a diary-style commentary on topics, articles, events, and issues in the society or personal life in posts on an online platform called a blog (Johnson 45). Opinions are beliefs with a basis on the thoughts of an individual (Gentry & McNeel 168). While the author of an opinion article aims to convince the audience about the rationality of the position that he/she takes on a chosen topic, the author of a blog aims to share information, experiences, thoughts, and other material with the audience from a social perspective. Blogs take the form of informational platforms on which bloggers post regularly in a chronological order.

The general format of an opinion article involves statement of the author’s stand, discussion of the reasons, facts, and reasons that the author thinks support the opinion, discussion of facts and details to disprove or discredit the alternative position, and a concluding statement (Gentry & McNeel 168). This means that communication skills, articulation, and the application of competent writing skills are necessary for the author to produce an effective opinion essay. The author of a blog adopts a flexible but creative format to engage the audience according to the orientation of the blog. In contrast to the need for a formal writing style in opinion writing, bloggers typically need to adopt conversational and less formal styles in preparing blogs because of the desire to engage the audience in the conversation (Johnson 45-47).

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