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Professional statement

I am so passionate of business and all my life is focused on engaging in business. This is what motivated me to undertake business education and IT courses both in high school and tertiary level. I am now the person everybody wants; goal oriented, hardworking, committed, and competent in all activities I engage in. I am absolutely one of the best in accounting and IT fields.

Work experience

­I have 2-years experience in networking after working for High achievers in their IT department. My job was maintaining the internal business network, and maintaining network

Academic achievements

I attended my Pre-primary and primary education in Vegas school where I graduated with ‘A’ grades. I later joined Capstone high school where I achieved distinction certification. I am joining Greenfield College for a degree in accountancy (business).


2011-2012 : I earned a certificate-MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) from Grace IT College. This certificate has enabled me to solve various Microsoft system issues used widely in the business

2012-2013: I earned a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate from Grace IT College. This was an achievement, especially due to my desire to learn more in the field of information technology and mainly its impact in the business sector.


  • Reading Business Journals to understand all that is trending in the business economy
  • Watching Discovery and Music Channels; I love music.
  • Following up Stock Exchange Market, Foreign Exchange, and Business World news
  • Banking and management