Sample Essay Paper on Human Nature

William Wilson is among the sociologists who managed to lay a strong groundwork on sociology by his arguments and theories. According to him, sociology is a field of study that ranges from ethology to sociology, making it more of a program which is modest since it incorporates different disciplines. Wilson believes that biology is clear evidence that there is a relationship between genetic makeup and human behavior especially their social behavior.  The studies he conducted on human behavior revealed that behavioral traits of humans like creativity were as a result of genetic organization.  Wilson was simply trying to say that biological genes can greatly influence the manner in which human behaves including predicting their possibility of criminal offense. Altruistic behavior of humans is a proof that natural selection takes place within a group level.  It means that the purpose of natural selection is to look at the manner in which humans behaves in groups which will reveal their competitive nature especially when genes is considered. This is because evolution and biology has more to do with personal individual behavior and their ability to survive. A good evidence of natural selection is when placed in groups where you find the strongest genes surviving to form the next generation while the weakest become extinct.

The argument made by Wilson on natural selection is more convincing and true. This is because in a world where there is strong competition, only those individuals with the greatest traits will be able to come out victorious. It is the reason you find that people are not in the same level in life. There are those with exemplary behaviors which are attributed to their beliefs or culture while others do so because of the laws set by the society making Wilson argument on genes attributing to human behavior questionable. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of humans acquiring behaviors based on their surrounding meaning that evolution has more to do with it making Wilson argument right. An objection that someone might have to defend Wilson’s thesis is by giving an example of a society whereby almost everyone is associated with crime. It means that as these individuals evolved in their surrounding, their acquired the behaviors of the people around them leading to them behaving in a similar way.