Sample Essay Paper on How to Become a Leader

How to Become a Leader

Leadership is characterized by influence where a person supports others for them to achieve a common objective. Through leadership, a leader is fully concerned with motivating, directing those around him, mediating and setting priorities right to ensure the common goals and objectives are accomplished. Being a motivation to others is a great leadership skill. Motivation to others could be brought by being productive in your duties and task, and performing them with morale, to show that you enjoy what you are doing. However, for one to enjoy what they are doing, for instance, a difficult subject, it is important to create an interest for the subject in order to learn easily and that will create a passion for studying the subject.

            Directing people to the right ways, perhaps by advising others, is an aspect of leadership. For instance, if undertaking task as a group and it happens that the task is being undertaken in the wrong manner, it is important to point out respectfully the right manner, giving understandable reasons why it is effective to have the task taken in that ‘right’ manner. That will ensure that the group members have trust in that procedure.

            Mediation is another major aspect of a leader where one needs to step in positively in any differences, such as conflicts, and try to solve the difference in the best way possible. This however requires the skills of understanding the background of the issue as well as creativity to come up with a fair conclusion. Mediation should always be positive and just for one to portray leadership skills.

            Setting priorities right is a positive aspect of leadership. It is very important for one to understand what drives them and should focus on prioritizing the good in them for them to be able to earn positive attitudes from those around them.    

Leadership skills are in many forms where one can be a good leader as well as a bad leader. Leading in the right way brings satisfactory results while using wrong leadership skills would lead to regretful results and therefore becoming very unsatisfactory.