Sample Essay Paper on Environment Studies and Forestry

How can what you see here be applied to Human Populations?

A high increase in human populations causes short human life spans due to high life challenges. This is evidenced by increased and the drastic decline of the number of rabbits in the model.

What can we learn from this model that could be used in solving the population problem?

Given that a certain number of human population (state’s population censors) in a particular region or nation has access to a given amount of resources, for example, poor or rich states, chances are high that with a steady increase in population (that is, increase of rabbits after 24 iterations), there is an equal increase in human challenges (that is, increase in the number of wolves) within the population set-up (medium forest size). Examples of human challenges include sicknesses like HIV/Aids, global warming, war and terrorism, and cancer. However, due to increase in population to optimum level (highest number of rabbits after 70 iterations), depletion in resources meant to support existence of the population is a likely occurrence (that is, zero grass cover at 70 iterations). These are likened to raising cases of poverty in nations and existence of refugee camps. If the latter scenario persists alongside increase in life challenges (wolves feeding on high number of rabbits after 70 iterations), human population would quickly reduce to zero. This is shown by the absence of rabbits and increased number of wolves after 126 iterations. After 358 iterations, neither rabbits nor wolves exist but maximum grass cover. This means that challenges are caused by human beings, and can only affect their generations.  If no human exists, resources would remain undestroyed (100% grass cover).

Therefore, it is important to maintain a smaller human population, which has the ability to provide solutions to current and possible future challenges likely to threaten life sustenance.

Imagine that humans are in this model. How would it change?

 Rabbits can be used to represent human beings, wolves are the challenges facing human survival, and grass represents resources suitable for human existence while forest is the region for human settlement.  The number of iterations represents the lifespan (or years) available for existence of human population.