Sample Essay Paper on Ecology


Question 1

CAFO is a designation that means Concentrated Animals Feedlot Operations. This designation is associated with a facility with more than 1000 animals that are confined to a given site for more than 45 days. CAFO leads to the issue of the concentration of organic feeds and wastes in a particular piece of land, and the subsequent implications for adjacent rivers, estuaries and other general ecological factors. Therefore, agricultural farming of different animals depicts vertically integrated models on prices and the cover-up of environmental degradation.

Question 2

Industrial agriculture in the meat sector has mitigating effects on the climate change phenomenon, and vice versa. For instance, animal waste gases make up 17% of the overall percentage of the greenhouse gases. The biodiversity is severely affected by these emissions. As a result, the pastures and grain feeds obtained from tropical regions are eradicated. The meat and meat products produced are due to infection of tropical diseases spread by viruses. 


Essentially, the food industry is a secretive global enterprise since it is diverse with very successful stories in the last few decades. In agriculture, resources are the primary elements to boost the desired activity. Animal farming, for instance, requires a small piece of land, and can accommodate different farming practices based on mutual dependence among the animals, and also with plants. The market for food products is diverse, but is a promising and secretive business.


Sustainability in this concept means a continuous and reliable means of food production to cater for current and potential consumers. Food sustainability will be supported through the multiple approaches of curbing the emission of excessive greenhouse gases since it will interfere with the climatic conditions necessary to support agricultural activities. Moreover, food sustainability will be guaranteed through diverse food production practices that are dependent on climatic changes.


Peaceful foods are those that are healthy for our bodies and that make us be in harmony with the ecological organisms (plants and animals). These are foods brought on the table in harmony without requiring killing, e.g. vegetables. Conversely, violent food attracts disharmony to the universal law since it involves killing; these foods include meat products. Violent foods are associated with creating health discomfort since they contain harmful chemical elements.