Sample Essay Paper on Classic English Literature

Classic English Literature

  1. The Shell advert on shell rimula plays an important role in informing clients about the quality of the product. The informative content about the product is how it illustrates the advantages of using the oil in car engines. The most appealing statement is how the oil lubricates the car engine to maximize its functionality.
  2. Did you know that P-plate drivers crash every six hours on the road. This leads to an average of 17 deaths every day. Research shows that 33% of these drivers crash in their first year of driving. 25% of these drivers admitted to over speeding almost all the time (Sciff, 2013). Over speeding in this category leads to 66% of deaths among 17 to 20 years old. These drivers are caused to observe speed limits and avoid overloading to stop causing unnecessary accidents.
  3. Testimonial ads – a twenty seven year old woman advertising the benefits of liposuction as the best method of weight loss. This person claims that she lost over 70 lbs in an instant and shows off her new lean figure (Zahorsky, 2014).
  4. Recently, an advert was shown on television that showed a woman teleporting into a new house after reading a popular real estate listing page from a newspaper column. This client moved between different houses whenever she read them but came back to reality immediately.
  5. Nicole Kidman’s $12 for Channel No5 perfume is agreeable since many people would buy this product not just from its brand name but because of Nicole’s face on it. $2million endorsement on L’Oreal cosmetics by Penelope Cruz is slightly low considering the reputation that the company holds and the fame that comes with her name (Klimisch, 2013). $40 million by Tiger Woods is sensible since many men identifies with Nike.


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