Sample Essay Paper on Benefits of SAP Software in Different Industries

Benefits of SAP Software in Different Industries

SAP is the leader in the world in relations to the development of ERP Systems Software. As such, it has tailored a number of ERP Systems for different industries. With this, it has been able to provide a wide range of solutions for various sectors. These include the service industry as well as the manufacturing industries. While there are several similarities in the nature of solutions providing for the varied industries, there are also a number of differences.

One of the industries that have benefitted from the SAP software is the automotive industry. The nature of solutions received includes a high level of insights that lead to improved product innovation, pricing and quality. The industry is able to increase the development of the products in terms of manufacturing, faster deliveries and informed decisions.

The service industry that has greatly benefitted from the SAP software is the insurance industry.  The major solution that has been provided aims at boosting the centricity of the customer. This is because the current customer is well informed, hyper-connected and demanding in their needs. The software provides insights towards high marketing speeds for custom and new products. It also helps to manage compliance and risks effectively.

The main similarities between the above highlighted solutions is that they both aim at providing exceptional knowledge on how the different needs of customers can be met. As such, they ensure that an extraordinary level of quality is maintained, while the price is set at the most appropriate standard. With this, both the services and products offered meet the customer expectations without presenting any compromises to the bottom line.  

The main difference is that it causes product innovativeness in the service industry while it leads to product improvement in the manufacturing industry.