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Sample Essay on Wind Power

Wind power involves conversion of wind energy into a useful energy form through use of wind turbines. This helps produce electrical power, wind pumps for water drainage or pumping, sail ships for propelling ships and windmills for mechanical power. For the longest time, wind power has been used as the major source of energy.

For instance the Chinese and Babylonians used wind power for pumping water and irrigating crops over 4,000 years ago and before that, it was used for sailing boats. In Europe during the middle ages, wind power was used for grinding corn and the term ‘windmill’ originates from there.

How wind power works

The atmosphere is heat unevenly by the sun causing some patches to be far warmer than others. The warm air patches rise and they are replaced by new ones which cause the wind to blow. The wind has energy and it can be used through building of tall towers with large propellers on the top.

The propeller is blown by the wind and this turns a generator that produces electricity. When several towers are built together, they make a ‘wind farm’ which can be used for purposes of harvesting more electricity. The higher the number of towers, the more the wind and the larger the propellers used the more electricity made.

Wind farms should be built in regions that have stead, strong winds. Ideal places to build wind farms is the coastal areas at open plains, top of rounded hills as well as gaps in mountains. These regions have strong winds which are reliable.

Wind power gets converted into electricity by magnets which move past coils of wire that are stationary known by the name stator. As magnets pass the stator AC electricity gets produced. The AC is then turned into DC electricity that can be used for purposes of charging batteries that store electrical energy or are fed into an interactive inverter grid.

There are numerous benefits associated with use of wind power:

  • It is a clean source of energy that can be used in the long term without damaging the environment. Wind turbines create cost effective, pollution free and reliable energy.
  • It is affordable and sustainable. Wind turbines can be used to generate enough energy for the entire household.

Because wind is a source of energy that is renewable and non-polluting, wind turbines help create power without use of fossil and without emitting radioactive, toxic waste or greenhouse gases. In addition to this, with wind power, global warming is considerably reduced. Wind power is also consistent throughout the year though it has significant variations over short time scales.




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