Sample Essay on Understanding Technological Evolution and Diversity

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Dr. Kevin Kelly M.D.

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Dear Dr. Kevin Kelly,

I have read your article on Understanding Technological Evolution and Diversity and noted that some areas in your argument are flawed. For instance, in page 3 of the article, your focus is on cultural diversity as an attribute of technological changes. I tend to disagree with this notion because in addition to cultural aspects of life, human diversity can be viewed from different perspectives like enhanced creativity and innovation as well improved performance through sharing of ideas. On the same view, page 4 of the article talks of prompt mastery of complex skills and concepts, as one of the contributions of technology in learning centers. I believe you must have not considered the challenges associated with introduction of technology in our learning areas like addiction and wastage of time. To be very clear, issues such as ethnicity, cultural values, and individual’s code of conduct are slowly deteriorating and even becoming worse since people have concentrated too much on making social advancements without questioning their moral values. Based on your argument, I would also like to mention that technological advancements, more especially in areas of communication only improves people’s creativity but may not necessarily make a person to detach from his or her culture.

However, I must appreciate the good work you have done, especially in page 13 and 15 of the article. In these two pages, you raised an argument that cultural diversity can only be attained through transmission of values using modern channels. You also describe social relations as the major theme in human existence, and emergence of technology in areas of communication facilitates human interaction and sharing of ideas. On these perspectives, your argument is relevant and logical and as a reader of your article, the relationships shown between technology and human diversity are effective. You can improve on the strength of the article by incorporating the above views and giving proper examination to the arguments raised by your critics.