Sample Essay on the New Deal

Sample Essay on the New Deal

Many events that have faced different parts of the world, usually lead to new changes or transformations that influence one generation to another. The new deal was a great series of domestic programs that were enacted in the United States by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 to 1937. The program was endorsed as a great way to respond to the Great Depression, due to its effects to the socio-economic and political lives of many people in the US. The program focused on the 3Rs [Relief, Recovery and Reform]. The New Deal promised great change in the country and many embraced it.

The 1929 to 1933 decrease in the manufacturing output in the United States and other parts of the government led to a deflation which made it hard to repay many debts. The new deal was seen as a great way to help the American people and the economy after the disastrous great depression. During the period, the unemployment rate in the US increased by 4% to 25% and about 50% of the nation’s human work-power was going unexploited. On top of this, before the New Deal, there was no insurance cover on deposits at banks as thousands of banks, money-lending companies and depositors lost a lot of money. Relief for the poor citizens and families, local governments and private charity was the order of the day.

As President Roosevelt took the oath of office on 1933, every bank was closed by the state governors and no one could get money. Most of the political and business leader feared of the worst, more so a revolution or anarchy. After rising to power, President Roosevelt announced a new deal for the American people. He entered office with plans set on how to over the impact of Great Depression. A lot took place instantly and within the first hundred days in office a lot was to be achieved and motivate American people once again and help improve their living standards.

President Roosevelt called for a special session of Congress and he began to present them with the reform and recovery measures to embrace for congressional validation. The congress passed laws to protect the bond and stock investors. More measures were sanctioned and they include;

  • Emergency Banking Act which provided the president a means to reopen viable banks and help regulate them aptly.
  • Economy Act which cut federal cost through reorganization of and cuts in salaries and pensions.
  • Beer-Wine Revenue Act legalized and taxed beer and wines.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps Act made it easy for young men between the age of 18 and 25 to get jobs in road construction, flood control and provide forest labor.
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act made it easy to increase crop surpluses by subsidizing farmers who voluntarily reduce their output.
  • Other acts included the Tennessee Valley Authority Act and Federal securities Act among others.

On the second hundred years, the congress also endorsed several important relief and reform measures in these included the Joint Resolution to abandon gold standard, National Employment Act, the Glass-Steagall Banking Act, Home Owners Refinancing Act and Farm Credit Act among other acts. The new deal greatly influenced American Labor Movement through matchless legislation.

All these projects were expensive and government had to increase its spending to cater for them all whilst the national debts rose unprecedented. Opposition rose from the both ends of political spectrum. Bankers and businessmen also opposed the new deal. Many other disagreements and production of large-scale military products change the country greatly and these lead to the climax of the New Deal.

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