Sample Essay on the Economic Impact of Pearl Harbor

Sample Essay on the Economic Impact of Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor was an attack that pushed America into the World War II. On December 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise attack on the Pearl Harbor finding the United States servicemen unaware as some were sleeping or off-guard. A lot of damage was done after the bombing as 18 U.S ships had been damaged or sunk, 188 aircraft were destroyed and about 2,403 non-combatants were killed. Even with the negative impact of attack, there has been great change in the economy of the US since this attack took place.

A date that will live in infamy” are the words used by Franklin D. Roosevelt to describe the 1941 attacks on the Pearl Harbor. The attack was indeed a surprise and it shocked most of the American public. Many Americans felt that their land is no longer safe as they though and their borders are vulnerable to attacks if not well secured. This pushed many Americans to flock in the recruiting offices and don the American uniform and defend their nation.

The Pearl Harbor attack was quite challenging and terrifying as the nation had just come out of the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. The reaction of the attack was not one-sided negative as it had great impact on the economy of the country. After the attack, US ramped up to engage in a global struggle against the Japanese who were set for global war. For Americans, repairing and building new naval fleet and increasing trained experts brought a lot of change in the nation.

Unemployment dropped after the attack as the American people wanted to participate in the war and defend their country. Women who were mostly restricted primarily to clerical jobs or homemaking went on and filled the assembly line for jobs in the naval and any other areas for the servicemen to replace the men called into the service. Minorities who were once focused on low-paying menial jobs were hired in large numbers. The economy started to boom after getting a piece of the readily available piece of the pie.

The Pearl Harbor made it easy for World War II to commence and this offered an opportunity for many countries to develop economically as war between nations halted and many people who were safe to enjoy another chance in the world were focused into improving their living standards. The world war brought United States from the Great depression and isolationism completely. American was simply trying to develop their lives and find better ways to overcome future economic woes.

Many people joined factories producing military weaponry and this made it easy to earn extra income that led to increase revenue taxes making it easy for the nation to take care of any economic woes at the time. In a sense, the Pearl Harbor pushed the American economy out of a deep pitch and discouraging depression and after the World War II; America was on the top again. American became an arsenal of democracy and people believed and had faith in the government once more and many felt more secure than before.

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