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Sample Essay on Solar Power

Solar power is one of the greenest and cleanest renewable electricity generated energy source that can power businesses, communities and homes. It is also one of the cheapest. It is harnessed through conversion of sunlight into electricity directly by use of photovoltaic’s (PV) or indirectly through use of concentrated solar power (CSP).

Mirrors and lenses are used to focus large sunlight areas into small beams when a large number of solar systems are used. Photovoltaic converts light to electric current through photovoltaic effect. Initially and to date, photovoltaic was used to power medium and small sized applications from calculators which are powered by single solar grids to the off grid homes which are powered by photovoltaic array.

Solar power is collected and converted by use of solar panels which are large flat panels that are made of individual solar cells. Often, it is used in remote areas though it has also become popular in urban regions.  By using solar panels, it is not only possible to slash carbon emissions but electricity bills as well.

Photovoltaics are a relatively inexpensive yet important source of electric energy especially where grid power is unreasonably expensive, unavailable or inconvenient. Solar power is become increasingly important and useful especially to those individuals who want to cut down on the cost of power. Commercial solar panels were developed for the first time in the 1980’s and currently, the 392 MW ISEGS CSP installations is known as the largest plant for solar power in the world.

The plant is located in Mojave Desert, California. Concentrated heat from concentrating solar panel is used for purpose of heating conventional power plants and there are different kinds of concentrating technologies. The earliest development of solar energy can be traced to the start of 1860 when there was the general assumption that it was a matter of time before coal became scarce.

In the 20th century, the development of solar technology stagnated because of the increasing economy, utility and availability of petroleum and coal. By 1974 only 6 private homes in North America were cooled and heated by solar power systems that were functional. Solar energy is not available at night and this is the only aspect that poses a challenge for this kind of energy. Because solar is not available, it means that it does not offer continuous energy.

Wind and solar are both intermittent sources of energy and this means that the output available must be taken then stored so that it can be used at a later date. By using molten salts for instance, solar energy can be stored at very high temperatures.


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