Sample Essay on Social Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Social Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab Israeli conflict has been there for more than 20 centuries. It is a conflict that has caused economic, political and social impact across different parts of the globe. In the Jewish society, the conflict has strengthened family relations and therein, women’s traditional roles. There has been emphasis on Arab Israeli conflict resolution and on the level of national duty; it has served as a device to prevent engagement in equality.

This is seen a positive effect in the Jewish community and it has also turned to the centrality of the family unit. It serves as a symbol preserving national frame work as well as consolidation between any inequalities that occur on both sexes.

Because of the conflict, many countries and the Soviet have been pushing for peace between the two countries. The peace process has provided hope to the affected parties and has also opened up a perspective for the society to fully engage in issues that affect women, their status in the family and in the society.

Additionally, the war caused destruction and loss of life. Many soldiers were killed in the war and many innocent civilians were brutally killed. The Deir Yassin massacre saw the death of more than 245 people including children within a month. Arabs were angered and retaliated by killing 77 Jewish including nurses and doctors within the same month.

Because of the conflict, Palestinian refugee population emerged. Many Palestinians were forced to free from their villages and towns. Up to 940, 000 people were displaced. People were left homeless and it is a situation that caused further dispute between the two countries. This is because Jewish argued that Palestinians should be comfortably integrated to Arab states. Arabs on the other hand felt that they shouldn’t be destabilized from their rightful homes.

Territory changes also occurred because of the conflict. This was a positive impact to the Israelites because they increased their territories by 21 percent. To Palestine, this was a negative impact and in fact it created more hostility towards Israel. Palestine believed that Israel should not have any land.

Arab states expanded their territory with Egypt taking control of the Gaza strip while the Transjordan gained the West Bank. Palestine also lost its status as a state because of the expansion of territories between the two countries. To date, there is still a partition between the countries and it remains controversial especially to Palestinians.

What’s more, the conflicts have affected the family unit negatively. Children have suffered psychologically because of the war. There has been no meaningful peace between the countries for many centuries. Families cannot relate well and parents have been forced to live in constant fear over attacks from either side. It is a catastrophic effect that has prevented peaceful and healthy growth of the family unit.

Injuries have also occurred because of the conflict. People taking care of injured persons do not enjoy their social lives. This is because they spend more time taking care of the sick.

Similarly, there is no good relation between Arab and Israeli army because of constant confrontations.

There was also Jewish immigration into Palestine as a result of the conflict.


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