Sample Essay on Public Private Partnership in Higher Education

Sample Essay on Public Private Partnership in Higher Education

Higher education also known as tertiary education is the non-compulsory final stage of formal learning that occurs after secondary education in colleges, academies, or in universities. The demand for higher education has been incomparable as more people are joining these institutions to build their future careers. Unfortunately, there have been many challenges facing this sector and many institutions have failed to offer quality education. The public sector has been forced to intervene to solve this crisis, but the support of the private sector has been immeasurable.

The increasing role of the private sector in higher education has been immaculate and has present many benefits over the traditional public delivery of education. These benefits have all been determined by how well-designed the partnership between the public and private sectors has been portrayed. Evidently, the success of the higher education sector has been determined by the regulatory framework of the country of choice and the capacity of the government to enforce and predict its merger with the private sectors.

Public private partnership has become the way of operation and meeting satisfaction in many countries in the globe. When implementing correctly, the private sector has been of immeasurable influence on the education sector. The private sector has increased efficiency and choice in the higher education sector and made it easy to expand access to the finest educational services and aided countries that have been stuck into traditional ways of delivering education.

Public private partnerships [PPPs] make it easy for governments to do well from the specialized skills offered by certain private organizations. More so, it makes it easy to address issues like unyielding salary scales and work rules that may carry the day when it comes to private sectors. Understanding the PPPs in higher education is the best way to develop the education and what in-store from these private bodies that want to bring change in the education sector. The basis Public Private Partnership in higher education is to extraordinarily maximize the potential for expanding equitable access to improving education consequences, schooling and help marginalized groups change their lives in one way or another.

Despite the government being the main investor of primary and secondary education, the private sector has displayed its interests and impacts on the higher education sector. Many governments have gone through a lot of transformation in order to meet their education endeavors. Poorly designed PPPs can expose governments’ objectives to significant financial and policy risks as they can easily heighten costs and make it hard for governments to meet their objectives.

Most governments have been trying to create a conducive environment for education, but only those that have embraced public private partnerships have been successful in their endeavors. The approach of PPPs has been quite helpful in the development and establishment of higher education more so in developing countries. This concept recognized the availability of alternative options for providing matchless education services besides just getting finance and public delivery from the government.

There are a few criticisms here and there on public private partnership. Some people think that PPPs will lead to the privatization of education and reduce the government’s control over public services. Others feel that increasing educational choices available for students and their families may raise socioeconomic segregation if better students join the self-selected colleges or universities. Because of the many educational benefits offered by public private partnership, it is a great move for every country to embrace this new trend and develop higher education globally.


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