Sample Essay on Public Private Partnership in Agriculture

Sample Essay on Public Private Partnership in Agriculture

Public Private Partnerships [PPPs] have these days become the best strategies for governments to satisfy the needs of their citizens. PPPs occur when the governments share resources and revenue with a non-governmental organization. Agriculture is one of the areas in the globe that have enjoyed these exceptional partnership agreements to meet specific niche requirements and in a legal manner. It has become quite easy for the public sector to offer funds, ideas, and implement ways on how to improve agriculture, thanks to the immeasurable support from private sectors that are exploring new models of improving agriculture.

Governments, donors, and many other development practitioners are focusing on influencing the private sector to join hands and invest immensely in the agriculture sector. The key aim to push for such partnership has been to make it easy for interested farmers or private practitioners to easily access essential resources, achieve sustainability, and weighbridge in the eradication of poverty in the world, moreover in developing countries.

The big issue has been that most of the public private partnerships that have not been easily achieved in the agriculture sector desire incredible attraction of collaborations, variety of different cultures, language, and incentives. Straightforward mistrust has also been cited as another common reason why these PPPs moves have not been successful. Comprehending the set conditions when indulging in partnership is the very first step towards how effective public private partnerships can be in bringing about systematic change and positive improvements in the agriculture sector to guarantee sustainability.

All partnership efforts for agricultural improvement should entirely lead to the economic prosperity of the farmer and the country in general. With new technologies that can be easily accessed in the market thanks to the availability of funds and finance offered by the government. Superior hybrid crops have also been made available for farmers to utilize and increase productivity. Most of the PPPs in the agricultural sector are focused on guarantee innovation and great technologies to farmers and guide them to develop with the competitive market.

Private partnerships have made it easy for farmers to revel in great outcomes expeditiously. Achievements can be taken to farmers rapidly in many ways. For instance, PPPs have made it easy for farmers to enjoy seed production without any shortcomings. Remember most of the public sectors have highly skilled and efficient manpower in agriculture while the private sector has excellent managerial resources that many aspiring farmers demand.

Through this partnership, the private extension will improve the commercialization of technology and make it easy to access in the global platform. Through decentralized decision-making in the private sector, it has been easy to reduce the time for commercialization. Public private partnership in agriculture has made budget management easy and many farmers have a lot in the process. Through global regulatory expertise agricultural sector has enjoyed rapid growth than any other sector. The availability of diverse germplasm of different crops and breeding crops that are boosted by the public sector has been of immaculate benefits to the farmers.

To strengthen public private partnerships in developing countries, many experts suggest good transparency and trust as the core factor to account for. The individuals involved also need to acquire the best education in order to impact farmers with knowledge and better skills. In essence, any partnership needs patient and trust to move to the next level and guarantee sustainable development.

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