Sample Essay Summary on Preventing Terrorism

Preventing Terrorism

Terrorism implies acts of violence committed against people and infrastructure. These acts, committed by terror groups are usually committed using weapons of mass destruction and result in death as well as destruction of poverty. The rise of terrorism across the world is a major threat in the world today. Apart from the US, many other countries are also vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Because of this, the US and other countries have formulated laws that help to reduce vulnerability to attack. Laws such as the American Terrorism Act which was formed after the 9/ 11 attack help to reduce the possibility of attack by terror groups (Nicholson, 2005). It has been confirmed that terror groups attack when least expected hence cause great destruction in the society. Both public and private firms can be tasked with prevention of terrorism. For instance, private firms have strong infrastructures that can be used in the prevention of terrorism. Private firms can access leaked information from different sources and report the matter to the respective security organs.

The private security firms and the public can help in the fight against terrorism through various processes. For instance, it is essential for the public as well as the private security firms to report all forms of suspicion to the Federal Bureau of Investigations so that investigations can be carried out into different activities. Reporting suspicious acts, suspicious deployment of people in and around key events, suspicious abandonment of vehicles, suspicious behaviors such as monitoring events; adversity to security measures; and reporting suspicious tenants to the authorities are all necessary towards accomplishing terrorism protection (U.S Department of defense & Minow, n.d). It is the role of the FBI to carry out investigations and decide whether the reported activities or people constitute a threat to the people and infrastructure or not.



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