Sample Essay on Martin and Malcolm as complementary figures in “Two Paths to Freedom” by James Cone

Martin and Malcolm as complementary figures in “Two Paths to Freedom” by James Cone

Martin and Malcolm have different reasoning in the prevailing matters they are facing in their political contexts. Martin is ignorant towards Malcolm, who supports Martin though, when he makes his speech, he criticizes the leader in the sector of civil rights. Malcolm opposed media’s attention to lavish Martin. Martin was among who were considered the black hate group together with Black Muslims. As a result, he opposed Martin and his movement, and provided the media with any information they needed. They therefore engaged in fights to criticize movements they started. Serious attention is needed for a person to understand them. Both of them spoke some truth concerning America, and for the nation to develop a peaceful and just future, she has to give them her ears equally.

They complement one another using the different paths they take. However, they have the same goal in their paths, which is seeking liberation for the African –Americans. Since they were united in the beginning but later separated in their ways, they had different limitations. Surprisingly, each of the organizers of the movements, who act as complements were aware that limitations of one of them were a source of strength to the other. Despite differences in methods used to seek liberation for African-Americans, the impact on the distinct regions they occupied was felt greatly. They later changed their location and started to embrace views of each other. The two also corrected one another in that Martin was the popular symbol of freedom for the blacks, thus Malcolm corrected him when he did something that was wrong.