Sample Essay on Impact of Korean War on the Cold War

Sample Essay on Impact of Korean War on the Cold War

The impact of Korean War on the cold war played a very significant role in influencing the U.S policy on capitalism and communism. Many historians argue that without the Korean War, the U.S would have a different policy and no events would have become functional substitutes for this war. Some of the patterns of the United States policies such as NATO militarization, globalization of commitments of the Americans as well as high expenses in defense budget arose from the Korean War.

Korean War started on 25th June 1950 when 75,000 soldiers of the North Korean army spread across the boundary of the Republic of Korea which was supported by the Soviet Union and the Republic of Korea to the south, a region that was supported by the Western.

At first, the invasion was a Cold War action. It came as a surprise to most officials in America. However, by July the American troops entered South Korea. To the Americans, the Korean War was a war against the real international communism forces and it had to be won.

America considered the Korean War as more than just a border dispute between the dictatorships of two sides of the world. Instead, it was a step in which the Soviet communists wanted to spread their communist campaign and eventually take over control of the world. As such, a cold war of nonintervention could not work as an option. The Security Council in the United States recommended the use of military force with an aim of containing communism expansion.

The most significant impact of the Korean War on the cold war was that it prompted the United States to take actions aimed at containing communism regardless of where it occurred whether it occurred at intrinsic strategic locations or the economic value of the place in question. The United States held the view that if communism was left to continue, it would eventually swallow the entire world.

President Truman of the United States and his advisers had to act quickly and decide because they held the opinion that Soviet aggression would eventually spread to Europe. This would further lead to the use of atomic weapons as well as senseless deaths of millions of innocent civilians.

Thus, during the Korean War, the cold war was at its peak. A lot of deliberations went on during the war with each side justifying its actions and involvement in the Korean War. Nevertheless, the war escalated further drawing the Chinese who sent their troops in North Korea while warning the U.S to avoid Yalu Boundary stating that stepping there would lead to full-scale war.

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