Sample Essay on Impact of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Sample Essay on Impact of Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill can be seen in various dimensions. The oil spill which occurred on 20th April 2010 is considered the worst spill ever in the history of the United States. Scientists and environmentalists are still analyzing the impact of about 170 million oil gallons that spilled into the deep water of the Gulf.

The immediate impact of the spill was serious challenges to the scientists, wildlife managers, researchers and rescue crews as they try to curb the effects of the spill on wildlife. To them, the spill was a serious disaster to the wildlife and the environment.

Among the immediate impact of the Gulf of Mexico, the oil spill was a coating of the feathers of birds with oil. This made the birds lose buoyancy. Birds were no longer able to regulate their body temperature. Some mammals may have ingested the oil. This caused internal bleeding, ulcers, and in some cases death.

Oil from the spill-covered sea turtles. Some sea corals died and they were found lying up to seven miles. These were some of the immediate effects of the spill. However, the spill had long-term effects. Despite the fact that after some time the oil became invisible on the water’s surface, it still has effects on the environment.

Scientists have reported that the Gulf floor has a significant amount of oil. This water washes into the beaches and the wetlands and it is likely to continue for years to come. These experts note that the effects of the oil spill in the Gulf are likely to be experienced even for the years to come.

Part of the team investigating the spill indicates that there are sick dolphins due to extensive oiling. The number of sea turtles dying each year since the oil spill has also been increasing rapidly. In addition, the ecosystem has also been affected due to unbalancing of the food web in the gulf.

The population of wildlife and fish in the gulf has been fluctuating over the years. The population of some sea species has not recovered from the deaths that occurred after the spill. In addition, recreation has declined in the region. This is because outdoor recreation and commercial fishing activities have significantly reduced in the area.

The impacts of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill were not only immediate but they still continue even several years after because the oil cannot completely be removed from the gulf.

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