Sample Essay on Impact of Genetic Engineering on Society

Sample Essay on Impact of Genetic Engineering on Society

Impact of genetic engineering on society can be seen in different aspects of social life of human beings. To some people, genetic engineering is another step in the evolution of human beings.

Genetic engineering entails the selection of genes and removing them from an organism or inserting them in another organism. Through genetic engineering, curing of diseases is possible and even the life of human beings can generally be improved.

Genetic engineering has many positive effects on the society. For instance, through genetic engineering, new organs and tissues are grown and used in replacing the old or malfunctioned organs and tissues. This marks an improvement in the medical field.

In the biotechnology field, patients with damaged kidneys have a chance of surviving through the implementation of this technology. This is because through genetic engineering, hybrid kidneys are produced which prevent events that follow fatal kidney failure. The hybrid kidney helps in preventing sepsis, infection as well as multi-organ failure.

Through biotechnology, cell transplant has been made possible and this helps in keeping individuals alive while waiting organ transplants. In addition, experts note that genetic engineering is helping the society because doctors are able to develop new vaccines and improve the existing ones. Thus, genetic engineering has made it possible to keep the society free from infectious agents such like viruses.

Using genetic engineering, the society is able to create new organisms. These are better and capable of withstanding the impact of the changing environmental conditions. Just like exotic species, genetically engineered species are likely to impact positively on the society.

Currently, there are genetically engineered crops that are resistant to diseases and pests. These are resulting in an increase in the overall agricultural output. Genetic engineering is also being used in the control of pests such as Hines and Coates. All these will result in increased agricultural production and in turn a society with a stable food supply.

Nevertheless, genetic engineering is also causing worries in the society. Despite the proponents of genetic engineering enumerating these benefits, there are people who still doubt the safety and viability of genetic engineering.

To some people, genetic engineering is going against the will of God and it will have negative impact on the society in the future. Others are of the view that the ability of genetic engineering to deal with genetic diseases is limited. To some people, genetically engineering products are not suitable or fit for human consumption.

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