Sample Essay on Impact of Genetic Engineering on Humans

Sample Essay on Impact of Genetic Engineering on Humans

Impact of genetic engineering on humans is seen in different aspects of human life. Some people see genetic engineering as an attempt by humans to control creation or nature. There are individuals who see genetic engineering as a way of disturbing the delicate balance of nature. Basically, genetic engineering has drawn many and varying reactions among human beings.

Today, genetic engineering is among the fastest growing science fields. Although genetic engineering has had positive impact in humans in some instances, there are also cases where it has been associated with some diseases.

For instance, genetic engineering has been used in curing some illnesses successfully through genetic therapy. However, there are patients who have developed diseases including leukemia during experimentation using genetic therapy. Thus, at the current stage it is still uncertain to determine what the exact impact of use of genetic engineering in humans is.

Nevertheless, one of the major positive impacts of genetic engineering is its successful use in treating genetic conditions. This is done through the replacement of genes that give patients proclivity towards a particular disease with healthy genes. This practice has been used in curing several cases successfully. However, the challenge in the use of genetic therapy in humans is in overcoming catastrophic side effects that may occur in the future.

Another positive impact of genetic engineering in humans is its ability to help infertile mothers in conception. Genetic engineering has been used to allow mothers who are infertile to conceive. This happens when eggs from another mother are used.

The impact of this is that the child that is born through this method inherits genetic blueprint from the mother from whom the eggs were gotten from, the mother who conceived the child and the father. Such genetic blueprint will be passed on to the future generations and the potential implications are not known yet.

Another effect of genetic engineering in humans is the insertion of human genes in the humans. The question that people ask is about the exact number of human genes that an organism should have so that it can be regarded as human. For instance, if a human being has certain ethical status, should the organism with human genes be considered as having that ethical status as well? If a mouse that is genetically engineered eventually produces human sperms and they are used in conceiving human children?

Generally, although genetic engineering has been used to influence different aspect of human life, the exact potential impact is not known in most situations or applications.

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