Sample Essay on Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab Israeli conflict has brought a complex network of inter-Arab relations. There have been harsh fluctuating rivalries between the two countries thus, making life in Arab and Israel unpredictable.

Arabs went to war when they felt like fighting. As a result, there was a brief time lapse especially in the year 1967. Therefore, Arabs were forced to narrow their technology and quality gap. Israel took advantage of this and mastered their war. Today, Israel is one of the most powerful nations when it comes to war.

Israel mastered their art of war because of Arab Israel conflict. This also enabled them to enjoy a breakthrough to the west bank of the Canal. Fluctuations of fortunes occurred on both sides. A favorable environment for war was created when Israel made a breakthrough and it almost brought down the Egyptian front.

According to researchers, Arabs were sluggish in their fight of war. This became quite costly because many Arab soldiers were killed in the process. This also weakened Arab fighters because they reduced in number. However, both sides also lost war equipment. There was also continuity of action and ratio of forces to the battling space in 1973. The conflict led to a war that was considered the most contested wars in history.

Rapid depletion of war equipment occurred because of Arab Israeli conflict. This was a factor that not only threatened the fighting countries at that moment but it was a situation that was bound to grow in the future. The countries had to accumulate equipment in large quantities.

As a matter of fact, the two countries had passed 20-25 percent of GNP in cost. The percentage was too big and passed the ruinous levels. Many people feared that the conflict could also trigger preemptive war in the future.

Arab Israel war also did not involve transfer of territory. It did not change strategic posture of the two countries. However, it created a political stalemate. This was a crucial situation because the situation could not be controlled by the military.

In the North, Israeli enhanced their prewar positions and gained territorial depth. They also deployed their armies to Damascus, Jordan, Iraq and Syria borders.

New pattern of Arab solidarity also emerged because of the conflict. Different Arab countries played a more meaningful role in the fight especially in the conflict of 1973. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait provided war chest in the war between Arab and Israel. Libya on the other hand offered financial support as well as Mirages it had acquired from France. The 3 countries also led to contributed to small contingents including Morocco.

Oil weapon is also explicable in part because of the conflict. This is one of the effects that have made Israel to enhance its concern about oil production. Even though King Faisal had clearly stated that war and oil should not be mixed under any circumstance, the policy has been ignored.

The wars also affected economic growth not only in the countries but also in America and parts of Western Europe. Soviet army was and has been involved in the war but even so, the conflict between the two countries has not been resolved.

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