Sample Essay Summary on How World War I Changed the World

How World War I Changed the World

Despite the negative image often associated with World War I in terms of loss of human life, there are several positive impacts that can be connected to the war. The First World War led to changes in various aspects of life such as medicine, warfare, weaponry and other factors. In terms of warfare, the war resulted in technological revolution that led to the development of new war weapons such as the bombs, tanks, airplanes and submarines. Furthermore, it is during this war that the building of war armaments begun (Ross 347). Following the war, many industries sprang up as countries learned from each other. In the medical arena, surgical techniques were developed during this period through experimentation in military hospitals. The hospital laboratories such as that in Germany helped to develop poisonous powders that were used as war weapons (Waun 632).

Other changes included the development of blood banks that proved to be useful during the war and after. In addition to this, the social system was also changed by the First World War in various ways. For example, class stratification that was common initially was destroyed through universal suffrage which meant that people had to come together for the achievement of protection. Similarly, the development of a work structure that did not discriminate against women also occurred when females were forced to take up male roles. Economically, the key changes that resulted included the introduction of a planned economy where the role played by the state was much bigger than the original. The prices of various goods and services were also raised immediately after the First World War and continued to rise thereafter. As such it can be concluded that the First World War had great impact on the world as a whole.

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