Sample Essay Summary on Homeland Security

Homeland Security

Countering terrorism has become one of the key objectives of the United States as a country. This has been since the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center on 11th September 2011. With this in mind, various counter terrorism actions have been taken. For instance, military action is one of the ways through which counter terrorism is being achieved. This involves toppling of Al-Qaeda and attacks on the Taliban. For sustainable counter terrorism action to be achieved, it is necessary that all areas of the economy be covered.

For instance, the action will involve diplomacy, intelligence action, covert action, foreign aid, enforcement of law and economic policies among others (Fisher, 2007). Achievement of counter terrorism strategies should involve partnership with the Muslim countries in the development of strategies as well as in their implementation. Other choices could be on a strong defense system and strategic resource allocation. The defense should have a clearly outlined responsibility while the implementation should not be limited to the planning process.

In countering terrorism, the law enforcement community should also strive towards the prevention of future attacks on the US through effective use of the available resources. It is thus critical for law enforcement agencies to keep watch over every member of the community as well as the leaders in order to combat terrorism through prevention of future attacks.



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