Sample Essay Summary on Gun Control Laws

Gun Control Laws

The ownership and use of guns has several impacts on the individuals involved. The impacts can be both positive and negative. The use of fire arms has been the cause of many debates. While many people opine that the use of fire arms should be restricted to people of a certain caliber, others are of the opinion that gun use should be legalized. There are various types of fire arms that are in use today such as hand guns, shot guns and others. The use of guns is limited to various laws and regulations across different countries. ‘Gun control’ refers to rules and regulations that determine the use of guns in a country. Despite these gun control laws and measures, the key challenge in implementing them has been the availability of guns in the black market (Lott, 2013). Since guns are used to commit crimes such as suicides ad homicide, the control of gun use in the US is linked to a potential decrease in the rates of these crimes.

Approximately 30,000 people succumb to gunshot wounds each year. For instance, Abraham Lincoln was a victim of gunshot during his term as a president. Similarly, massacres in schools have led to the loss of teachers and students as a result of gun shots. In robberies, gangsters use guns to rob victims as well as to confiscate their properties. The presence of functional gun control measures enables the government to prevent such crime instances as the criminals fear being attacked back. Instances of domestic violence have also increased due to the ease of availability of guns. It is important that guns be possessed and used only by the authorized persons to avoid injury to others.





Lott, J. (2013). More guns, less crime: understanding crime and gun control laws, third edition. New York, NY: University of Chicago Press


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