Sample Essay On Global health Crisis

Homework Question on Global health Crisis

Addressing the Global Health Crisis II: What is the most pressing (serious) health problem most of the world is facing? Official statistics from legitimate sources/organizations.

  1. What is a pandemic/epidemic and what are its causes?
  2. What are the consequences on the respective country, surrounding countries and relevant international organizations?
  3. How can one solve this issue? Provide one or two recommendations that would help resolve the said health problem.
  4. Explain why your recommendation is useful and how it can be implemented? 2 pages single-spaced Please list at least 4 different sources.

Homework Answer on Global health Crisis

The top health problems the world is facing include: Ebola, mental health for trauma survivors, shortage in health workers, emerging and waning threats on health, climatic change and air pollution. Some treats on global health take the world by surprise sparking fires which were never expected to be fought. For instance, the world could not foresee the 2014 Ebola outbreak especially in West Africa since it had not been experienced there before (Gostin and Friedman, 2014). If the Ebola epidemic that occurred in West Africa does not lead to reforms, it will undermine the credibility of World Health Organization and the United Nations. The complexity in health care systems and shortage of the health workforce is also a major problem in that there is a global shortage of 7.2 million doctors, nurses and midwives (World Health Organization, 2016). This essay analyzes the top health problem that the world is facing by discussing the causes, consequences on the respective country, surrounding countries and relevant international organizations, how the problem can be solved and recommendations that would help resolve the health problem and how they can be implemented.

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Emerging and warning health threats like Zika virus, Ebola flare ups and many other threats that are unexpected are likely to pose global heath challenges and probably make headlines in 2016.In May 2015, Brazil reported the first cases of locally transmitted Zika virus which may have resulted from the world Sprint Championship canoe race, held in Rio de Janeiro in August 2014(Fellner, 2016). According to the Third National Climate Assessment ‘s Health Chapter Climate change, together with other natural and human-made health stressors, influences human health and disease in numerous ways. Some of this health issues are likely to increase while others may reduce (2016).RohdeandMullerargue that pollution of air has been linked to approximately six million deaths per annum in china (2015). Air pollution is a problem that results to death of many people just like other problems that has characterized the modern world like AIDS.  The problem is as a result of the industries that produce toxic substances in developed and developing countries.  Sources of Particulates include electrical power plants, automobiles, burning of biomass and fossil fuels mostly required in homes and the industrial factories.In the past month, the smog problem was considered Beijing’s first red alert. Poor air quality due to smoking also continues to rise. With a possibility of causing 20 percent of male deaths in this decade. Health workers and systems around the world should be preparing for a rise in respiratory and other related health troubles.