Sample Essay on Factors Hindering Achievement of Millennium Development Goals

Factors Hindering Achievement of Millennium Development Goals

The world embraced Millennium Develop Goals and this is evident in the number of summits held in New York and other parts of the globe to boost the program. The aim of MDGs is to reduce the number of poor people and to achieve specific targets in education sector, gender equality, health, infrastructure and the environment by the year 2015.

However, there have been combinations of factors that hinder the achievement of the goals including

Poor enlightenment and public mobilization

For MDGs to be successful there has to be sufficient public participation. This can only be achieved if the program is implemented through enlightenment and mobilization activities. There has been poor media coverage especially in developing countries. This is also coupled with embezzlement and misappropriation of funds for example in Nigeria.

Dictatorial behavior of leaders in other countries, corrupt practices in low and high places also prevent successful implementation of the program.

Poor support of MDGs

There has also been poor support for MDGs programs in many developing countries. It is essential to note that for a successful progress to be achieved; international organization and advanced nations have to fully support the less advanced countries. This is not the case in many countries especially in West Africa. The support is not forthcoming and it seriously affects realization of the goals in many parts of the globe.

Cultural differences and problems

Many developing countries that would benefit a great deal from MDGs face cultural problems. There are different ethnic groups in the countries therefore variation of culture. This is also reflected in their slow acceptance of developments and changes in the countries. Therefore, it is imperative for each segment of the countries involved in MDG of the world to have equal access and a clear perception of the program to enhance its success.

Economic problems

Poor economy is one of the factors that hinder implementation of the program by a great percentage. High levels of unemployment, poverty, lack of access to social amenities and misappropriation of funds aggregate the situation. This makes it difficult for pioneers of the program to mobilize the public and implement MDGs successfully.

What’s more, financial contribution from the private sector towards MDGs is required. This is because more than 80 percent of investment comes from private sector and it helps a great deal in enhancing high and positive economic growth.

With balanced, high and sustainable economic growth in different countries, implementing the program will not be much of a problem. It however requires discipline especially in revenue. Maximizing revenues will help to promote healthy economic growth and good business transactions.

Political instability

Political instability is a serious threat to successful implementation of the program. It diverts focus, the zeal as well as attention of the government and the general public on MDGs. Therefore, adequate measures should be taken to address ethnic tension, bad governance and injustices for MGDs to be achieved.

Poor leadership and administrative bottleneck

Poor leadership in many countries also hinders achievement of MDGs. Leaders in many developing countries cannot rise up to the challenges that come with leadership including political issues. This in turn leads to partial participation of the general public in the program.

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