Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Genetic Engineering

Sample Essay on Factors Affecting Genetic Engineering

Factors affecting genetic engineering can be seen in different aspects of human life. There are people who view genetic engineering as way of going against the will and plan of God. To them, genetic engineering is an attempt to play God or program human beings. Others are of the view that genetic engineering poses risk to humans.

Currently disseminating genetically-engineered organisms is just like an adoption process that is associated with technologies at the farm level. This process is dynamic and while it affects the society, social networks that already exist in the society affects it as well. There are many players in the society who are affecting genetic engineering.

Among the factors that affect genetic engineering are the human capital factors. These include the level of education of a farmer. Some farmers will not adopt genetically engineered organisms just because they do not know what they are about. A farmer may be suspicious about the benefits of genetically engineered crop until other farmers have grown and harvested the crop.

Social capital factors also affect genetic engineering. These include factors such as accessibility of information about genetic engineering to the farmer. Some farmers may have information about genetic engineering from other farmers but the information may be inaccurate, biased or distorted. This will affect their decision to accept genetic engineered crops or to decline the technology.

Social networks that farmers have also affect genetic engineering. For instance, through social networks farmers share the benefits and risks that are associated with genetic engineering. Some farmers who have tried the technology will also share their experience and persuade their colleagues to either accept the technology or to reject it.

Another factor that is affecting genetic engineering is the consumer attitude. The attitude of the consumer towards genetically engineered produce will also affect how well genetic engineering is accepted or adopted by farmers.

Farmers want to come up with agricultural produce that will be bought by consumers. If consumers have a negative attitude towards genetically engineered produce, they will be reluctant to purchase them. This implies that farmers may not sell their produce as per their expectation.

Studies have shown that consumers in the United States are accepting genetically engineered foods than consumers in Japan and Europe. This disparity in the acceptance of the products of genetic engineering has a great impact on how it is adopted because it determines the rate at which farmers accept it as well.

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