Effects of the American War on slavery

Sample Essay on Effects of the American War on slavery

The American Revolution remains a major issue when discussing the history of America. The revolution had far-reaching effects, some of which are felt to date. Of great significance was the revolution’s impact on slavery. In this essay, we shall discuss the effects of the American War on slavery, in terms of whether the former contributed to the end of the latter.

According to historians and experts, the American Revolution had opposing impact on slavery. For instance, states from North America responded to the war by either banning slavery, or adopting gradual processes of freeing slaves. This take by the northern states was a contrast of the south. While the revolution disrupted slavery in the region, most states adopted policies, aimed at strengthening slavery. Nonetheless, the revolution empowered the African-Americans as they gained more resistance against oppression of the minority by the Whites.

The American Revolution also handed freedom to thousands of slaves. However, there has been debate on the legality of the freedom since most slaves escaped at the peak of the revolution. For example, it is estimated that 30,000 slaves fled in 1781, when Britain launched an attack on Virginia. During the conflict, 20,000 slaves from South Carolina and 5,000 from Georgia got freedom. It is important to note that this led to a drop in the number of slaves in the hands of White masters. However, there was an upsurge in numbers around 1790, as people spread to new lands that was later to be known as the cotton belt.

Most blacks were inspired by the Revolution and pushed for their freedom, stepped up the war against enslavement of Black-Americans. They mounted on Congress to abolish slavery through enactment of laws that would outlaw the practice. They faulted American ideals of freedom based on slavery that the system was propagating. According to Blacks, slavery was a contradiction to one’s freedom and encouraged societal inequalities.

Because of the Revolution, Slaves in America got united and began to use a common language of natural rights to fight for their rights. In 1800, slaves planned to take over the City of Richmond, under the leadership of Gabriel. The move was motivated the revolt in the current Haiti in 1791. This was also triggered by the American ideals of liberty and freedom, which played a major role in their resistance against the British. Following the plot, about thirty of the conspirators were executed while others were traded to Spanish and Portuguese colonies as slaves.

The agitation of slaves to gain freedom was noticed. For example, President Thomas Jefferson noted that the same ideas, which inspired American to resist Britons was similar to what inspired the slaves in Virginia and other states around the country. Jefferson wrote to Britain, recommending the deportation of slaves to Freetown in Sierra Leone, a town for the former slaves. Ina his letter, the President assured Britain that the slaves were not to be treated as criminals but as freedom fighters. However, these deliberations between America and Britain were fruitless and most of the slaves ended up in Spanish and Portuguese colonies after being sold.

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