Effects of the American Revolution

Sample Essay on Effects of the American Revolution

There were many effects of the American Revolution. The American Revolution was successful because it resulted in the creation of a new nation in America. On the other hand, British failed and this resulted in the loss of a part of its empire. These were some of the immediate effects of the revolution.

The revolution ended the revolution war that lasted for six years. The Treaty of Paris was created in 1783 and it ended the war. The immediate effect of this was granting of land and sovereignty to the Americans. The economy of America experienced instability and the position of the Native Americans, African Americans and women changed in the society.

Due to the revolution, the final peace agreement was signed on 3rd November in 1783. Through this agreement, almost all demands or requests of the Americans were accepted. The freedom of the people was granted. However, this had effects in other places.

For instance, the American Revolution inspired people in Ireland, Poland, Haiti, France and Netherlands who revolted against leadership. There were revolts in the entire Spanish empire after the American Revolution.

American Revolution also led to the emergence of new nations and colonies. There were also formation of democratic governments in the new nations and colonies. The revolution acted as an inspiration to places where people were oppressed by colonial masters.

However, the greatest impact of the American Revolution was felt in the 13 colonies of the newly formed United States. The effect has been summed up by experts as winning of a battle by humanity.

For some decades, the Americans focused their attention in fighting for their rights. They wanted a government that would play its role properly and perpetuate enlightenment ideals. After the revolution, Americans had to come up with a perfect government that they were agitating for. Hard work and talents were considered important than the hereditary privilege of some people in the society.

Inclusion of more men in formal processes in politics was among the dramatic effects of the revolution. The role of women in the society was also elevated. The concept of elevating women in the society was known as the republican motherhood.

Books were published about the new American society and they also touched on the new position of women in the society. Different groups of people were represented in the new American society. Some of the effects of the American Revolution are what is seen today as the group of talented, independent and hard working laborers.

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