Effects of the American Revolution on Britain

Sample Essay on Effects of the American Revolution on Britain

There were many effects of the American Revolution on Britain. The revolution led to the creation of the United States of America. This affected Britain because it lost a part of its empire. This loss had serious impact on Britain in various aspects including the economic and political aspects.

Britain lost its thirteen colonies after the revolution. However, it did not lose Canada, Africa, India and Caribbean. This had economic effects in Britain. Trade that Britain had established in America and depended on heavily for exports and import was affected severely. After the revolution, there was a recession that caused plummeting of land and stock prices in Britain.

Naval attacks during the revolution war in America by the enemies of Britain also affected its warship with some being captured. Britain spent heavily on the Revolution war which increased its national debt.

Nevertheless, the revolution had a boost on some industries in Britain. For instance, the wartime industry that made naval supplies as well as the textile industry that was making uniform had a boost. There was also a reduction in the rate of unemployment because Britain struggled to recruit more men into the army.

Privateers enjoyed the positive effects of the American Revolution in Britain. They successfully ferried traders who were trading with USA and other countries. After sometime, the trade with the USA rose again to the initial pre-revolution level. However, trade between Europe and Britain doubled.

In Britain, the American Revolution caused demands reformation of the constitution. The British government faced criticism for the way it had acted during the revolution war in America. Considering the power that Britain had, people felt that some people in Britain wanted the country to lose the war deliberately.

Constitutional reforms were also agitated by many people who felt that parliament was no longer representing the views and opinions of the common people. To them, parliament represented views of the wealthy people only and it was approving everything that the government was doing. This increased dissatisfaction among the common people.

Association Movement was flooded with petitions and people demanded that the government of the king be pruned. Universal suffrage was also demanded by some people. Association Movement has a rapidly increasing power by 1780 gaining increasing and widespread support. In the June of 1980, Gordon Riots in London paralyzed activities in London. Murder and destruction were characteristics of the week-long riots.

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