Sample Essay on Effects of Cold War on American Society

Sample Essay on Effects of Cold War on American Society

There were many effects of the cold war on American society. The cold war affected American politics, culture as well as economics. These effects were experienced during the second half of the 20th century. The antagonist values that existed in the United States which represented democracy and capitalism and the authoritarian and communist values of the Soviet Union escalated these effects.

The Soviet Union and America were the dominant superpowers during the Second World War. However, their contention spilled to the world becoming a global conflict. The cold war was different because it was more of a war of propaganda with some military engagements. For instance, the Vietnam and Korean wars were examples of instances where military intervention was involved.

The superpowers involved in the cold war wanted to assert their cultural, political, and economic ideals. The cold war impacted almost every aspect of the daily lives of American society. For instance, the National Security agency was used as a propaganda tool. It encouraged the production of anti-communism movies in Hollywood. Scripts of the film had to be changed to ensure that any aspect that did not praise American history was removed.

The security agencies ensured that only movies that assisted in sparking patriotism were produced. The movies ensured that the American society question communist activities whole growing anti-communism sentiments among the people. Some communists in America were removed and many lives were affected on the basis of weak and unsubstantiated accusations and evidence. The lives of some people in America were affected by their refusal to participate in hearings or even respond to accusations leveled against them.

Politically, the American society found itself in the battles between the Soviet Union and America. These battles were not in Europe only. For instance, the adoption of the containment policy by the U.S ensured that American society did not