Sample Essay on Effects of American War in Afghanistan

Sample Essay on Effects of American War in Afghanistan

There are many effects of the American war in Afghanistan. The American war in Afghanistan started after the terrorists attack on September 11. The aim of the war was to dismantle the al-Qaeda group in Afghanistan and destroy its safe havens where it did most of its operations. This was to be achieved through the removal of the Taliban from an authority in Afghanistan.

The U.S believed that Osama bin Laden, who was linked to the attacks of 11th September was in Afghanistan. As such, the U.S demanded that the Taliban hand him over and subsequently expel al-Qaeda. However, the Taliban declined the requests but instead asked Osama to leave. The U.S was not willing to negotiate and it launched Operation Enduring Freedom leading into the American war in Afghanistan.

One of the major effects of the American war in Afghanistan is the loss of lives. Many people have died in Afghanistan since the war started. The exact number of people who have died as a result of the fighting between the Afghanistan rebels and the Americans and its allied forces is unknown. Although initially, America went to Afghanistan with Britain, other countries joined later. Many civilians have died when caught up in the fight between the military forces and the rebels.

American and European servicemen have also been killed by the Afghan military. This has happened on various occasions when the Afghan insurgencies have ambushed the American and European military men. ABC News has reported several instances when troublesome attacks have occurred resulting in the deaths of many U.S servicemen.

Another effect of the American war in Afghanistan is the introduction of a political problem with Pakistan. Pakistan which is the immediate neighbor of Afghanistan has proven to a problem. This country acts as a home to most Islamic extremists. Pakistan is not ready to corporate with the U.S and European forces in fighting the extremists. Instead, it serves as a home to the pro-al Qaeda and pro-Taliban forces. This has caused a political issue between the U.S-led forces and Pakistan.

The American war in Afghanistan has also cost the U.S a lot of money. From 2001 to 2011, the Department of Defense in the U.S allocated $1.4 trillion to the war. The department was also given additional funding for the base budget. This implies that the department had about $837 during this duration as additional funding and some of it went to the Afghanistan war.

People in America who pay for this war through taxation feel that their money is being wasted. The U.S government has also sold bonds to pay for the war. Some experts say that the war has also caused a deficit in the U.S budget in some financial years.

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