Sample Essay on Economic Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Economic Impact of Arab-Israeli Conflict

Arab Israeli conflict is considered one of the longest and toughest conflicts in history. It has had a negative impact on the economy globally among other effects. Because of the conflict, unemployment rate in Israel is estimated at 9 percent. The rate of unemployment in Palestine is estimated at 40percent.

According to one of the research studies carried out by World Bank in the recent past, the average income level in Palestine is expected to drop by 40percent. This means that more than 67percent of the population is also expected to fall into poverty.

Arab Israeli conflict has led to higher unemployment rate over the past years. Many people are losing their jobs and the cost of living is increasing by the day. Palestine uprising has led to global economic slowdown. This is especially in the high tech sector.

Israel is known to be highly dependent on the high tech dependent economy globally. It has unique policies that enabled it to thrive and withstand harsh economic environment in the midst of the uprising. On the other hand, Palestinian unemployment is believed to have resulted from policies designed by Israel including its closure and movement restrictions.

Israel also collects tax revenue from Palestine. This is one of the things that Israel has refused to hand over for many years now since the beginning of Palestine uprising. Additionally, the international donor community had partially declined to offer financial and budget support to Palestine. Banks and other financial institutions also refused to participate in any financial transaction with the country because of sanctions from the United States.

As a result, Palestine went through hard economic times because of declining funds. This also affected government workers because they were no longer getting their salaries. Many went for months without salaries especially from October 2006. Palestinian government suffered economic downtown and it owed its employees more than $500 million as back wages.

Additionally, a report by the World Bank revealed that a vast majority of employees in Palestine as well as their families have had to endure financial hardships for many years. Many families were not able to pay their basic bills including electricity and rent bills.

Because of Arab Israeli conflicts, medical disposals and drugs depleted. It is a situation that affected public hospitals as well as primary health care facilities. Palestinian healthcare was also paralyzed by Israeli separation wall. Sick people could not access treatment and it affected employees. This also meant that the workforce was affected and a negative economic impact in the long run.

Arab Israeli conflict also affected the education sector. Many Palestinian students studying in Israel had to discontinue their programs. Additionally, students who had secured entry to universities in Israel could not enroll in the institutions.

As a result, diversity in the education sector was affected. Quality education plays a crucial role in enhancing economic growth. Therefore, Palestine lacked this. Its elite group was also killed in the conflict.

The economy of Israel and that of Arab was affected in the conflict. The world especially countries that had direct trade relations with Israel and Palestine felt the effect.

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