Sample Essay on Creative Writing

Creative writing

Life is full of surprises, upheavals, and inconsistencies. People try to make the best out of each situation as they struggle to survive and create an ounce of happiness in their hectic and difficult lives. Therefore, it is prudent that one seeks avenues that act as sources of happiness, rather than misery (Krznaric 17). In the work environment, the same situation as life is replicated where there are surprises, successes, upheavals, and inconsistencies that one experiences. As in life, it is prudent that one finds work that is fulfilling and not causality for misery and unhappiness’s. In this context, I believe that it is better to have a fulfilling work, as compared to one that pays well but is full of problems and unhappiness.

Example One

Consider two scenarios of two doctors, one working in a private hospital that pays well, and another that works in a community outreach nongovernmental organization (NGO) that operates in third world countries. Both persons seek the same ideology for helping people access medical care, but with the difference that one works for money, while the other works to fulfill his passion and dream to help people. In this scenario, in spite of the fact that the doctor employed in a private hospital earns a lot of money, deep inside his life lacks purpose and meaning because of his inherent selfishness to help a select few percentage of the society that is well endowed and pays expensively for basic health care. In contrast, the NGO doctors caters to people regardless of their psychodynamics and demographical backgrounds and is thus not selective, which means that he ends up filling and having a sense of duty to help people that society considers as ‘not worthy’ to get quality medical care since they do not have enough money.

Example 2

            Considering another two scenarios where one works as a finance manager at a large supply chain store and is paid a lot of money, and another scenario where one works for the family business as a finance manager but is paid a lower salary. Each of the two jobs are involving and require one to work hard and sacrifice some of their personal time to the work. The low paying family business job has similar responsibilities as the well paying supply chain job. However, because one is working at the family business, one gets a sense of belonging and purpose knowing that their work output is superior in ensuring that the happiness of his family is derived from his hard work. However, the other well paying supply chain job is void of purpose and one only works for fulfillment of having a salary at the end of the month. These two scenarios proffer different parameters to analyze different jobs and the fulfillment that one gets at the end of the day. For instance, while working in the family business, one gets a sense of fulfillment since he is aware that his work output could lead to the growth of the business that would improve the livelihoods of his family and himself in the long term.

Analysis and Discussion

Finding the right kind of job can be difficult. Some of us die without finding that one job where they can be happy and productive. Majority of people look for work that can be able to cater to their bills in these harsh economic times where goods and services are expensive and tax cuts are on the rise (Burkitt 97). People would thus prefer to have a well paying job, only so that they can manage to survive in life. This analogy is flawed since most of these jobs are strenuous, have poor working hours and environments, and do not give one a sense of purpose when performing their duties and responsibilities.

When considering the two examples listed, the choice of the job is representative with one’s emotional connection to a particular goal (Lencioni 204). If this emotional connection is missing, one feels void and lacking in spirit to engage effectively and productively in the execution of their jobs. This feeling could slowly build up to become disgruntlement and stress; hence, the cover of higher pay becomes obsolete with the passage of time. On the other hand, one in a fulfilling job is always happy and the results of the hard work manifest themselves based on their accomplishments that are achieved with passion. This brings happiness and instills a sense of self achievement of their career and life purpose since they have achieved what their hearts believe in. it is therefore prudent to ensure that people seek jobs that are representative of their emotional balance, rather than that that caters to their needs. This is because emotional balance has a more inherent hold on our conscience as compared to material property. It is not uncommon to see rich people dying lonely and unloved due to their disregard of one’s inherent need to be more human, than a survivor and selfish person.

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