Sample Essay on Car Pollution-Global Awareness- Human Effects

Car Pollution-Global Awareness- Human Effects

The invention of cars has changed the way we live in an unprecedented way. While cars were a preserve of the wealthy in then past, they are now owned by all classes of people in society and form the primary means of transport in many parts of the world. Journeys that previously took several days can now be completed in a few hours regardless of the prevailing weather condition. There are many variations of the original vehicles that are in use nowadays. The developed world has most of the cars in the world right now. The invention of cars would be a perfect success story, save for their adverse effect on the environment.

Cars form one of the biggest sources of global warming gasses all year round. This emission comes both directly through the exhaust fumes and the processing of the fuel until it is ready for use by the thousands of cars in the world right now. Exhaust fumes deplete the ozone layer thus increasing the incoming radiation thereby leading to global warming and putting humans at risk of harmful ultraviolet radiation. These gases lead to climate change, which affects our lives irrevocably. Poisonous exhaust fumes from cars cause respiratory problems to anyone who inhales them for example by inhibiting the process of carrying oxygen to all parts of the body (, 2010). This essay provides facts that show the extent and the impact of car pollution in the world today. It also gives suggestions and solutions employed in various parts of the world that aim at curbing the contribution of car pollution and other forms of pollution such as sound pollution, to global warming

Annually, cars contribute about 300 million tons of carbon (IV) oxide forming a fifth of the total air pollution in the world, as per the Environmental Defense Fund. Nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons produced by cars also form a significant part of the global total. Every year thousands of people die to complications caused by car emissions. In the US alone, about 30,000 people die every year (, 2010). When we inhale poisonous gasses, preexisting respiratory ailments such as asthma can escalate and cause further trouble to the victim. There are standards that are established by government organizations to regulate the air quality in areas in which people live. There is a large number of people who live in zones that fail to qualify air quality standards all over the world.

There are concerted efforts to reverse environmental pollution resulting from cars. This is in the line of the wider effort to curb environmental pollution. Several parts of the world have already experienced severe effects of climate change hence the need to arrest the situation and prevent further annihilation. The saying ‘If we destroy nature, nature will destroy us’ tends to be true. For example, rising water levels have submerged lands in proximity to the Global organizations such the United Nations Environmental Program have heeded the call to save the planet(, 2015).

There have been numerous summits held in years previous to talk about the measures that can be taken to change the situation. In 2009, the climate change summit took place in Copenhagen, in 2013 New York, in 2014 Lima. It is important that in order to save the planet, agreements are established to regulate the amount of pollution. Infection caused in one country results in effects that cut across the lives of citizens in other countries. These summits also allow countries to brainstorm and come up with ingenious ways to review air pollution. There are notable personalities who have contributed largely to raise global awareness of climate change.

The Kenyan, Wangari Maathai, received the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to ensure the conservation of the Mau forests in Kenya. She extended her cry for the protection of the environment to other countries in the world. She encouraged many people to plant trees because trees reduce the effect of air pollution by taking in the excess carbon (IV) oxide. Currently, the call for environmental conservation is more rousing than ever. There is a production requirement to require that products meet environmental standards. An increasing amount of people is being involved in one way or another and in different levels to contribute to changing the environmental.

Use of less fuel is the direct solution to solving the problem of air pollution caused by car emissions. Technology that can achieve this is already in use around the world but research is going on to be able to make the most efficient form. Use of fuel-efficient vehicles ensures that less fuel is used by hybrid cars to travel the same distance comparatively to the average cars, hence directly lowering the direct emissions into the atmosphere. Use of cleaner fuels poses another great milestone in the recovery of our planet from air pollution; biofuels, for example, reduce the carbon content in emissions by up to 80 percent (Environmental Protection UK, 2015).

In addition, cleaner processing methods ensure that we pollute the atmosphere less. Electric motor cars can reduce emissions by considerable quantities. In conjunction with this, use of fresh methods to generate electricity ensures there is a double saving of energy in the fight against pollution. Apart from the industrial improvements, there are a few contributions that we can personally make. For example, keep our vehicles in good service and replace old and un-roadworthy cars for newer ones. Instead of everyone who is going to an individual destination using their sedans people use public cars thereby reducing the amount of emissions. Also, we need to support the initiatives and legal strides being made to create a better future in the motor industry.

There are numerous efforts being made to ensure reduction of global warming caused by exhaust fumes from cars. However, there is significant room for progress. A lot still needs to be done in order to reduce the menace. We can conclusively state that car pollution will not be there always because oil reserves are going to be diminishing considerably currently. That does not allow us to exempt ourselves from efforts to solve the crisis. We can damage the environment significantly in a few years that will take a long time to rectify. It is important that we take the initiative to act now to prevent years of work that could be avoided by the wise action today. Those in authority and the multinational companies need to place their interests aside and keep those of the planet first. We should ensure that we pass on a healthier environment to the next generation. With the advancement in technology, we stand a good chance in our fight against car pollution.


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