Sample Essay on Benefits of Suez Canal

Sample Essay on Benefits of Suez Canal

There are several benefits of the Suez Canal. Suez Canal is the longest in the world that does not have locks. This canal made Egypt the first country to develop the largest canal linking the land to the Mediterranean Sea. It links the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea through River Nile as well as its branches.

At first, attempts to dig the canal were initiated by Senausert III who was the Egyptian Pharaoh from 1874 BC. However, it was abandoned for a while and reopened later in 1310BC, 61 BC, 510BC, 285BC, 117BC, and 640BC. The canal is the largest that links the two water bodies. It was opened officially to allow international navigation on 17th November 1869.

The Suez Canal was nationalized by Egypt on 26th July 1869. It has been closed five times with the last closure taking place between 1967 and 1975. The canal was eventually reopened for international navigation in 1975.

Among the benefits of the Suez Canal is the fact that it puts Egypt on the map of the world as a leading country in the development and establishment of water canals. It allows for night and day navigation. The canal was established in a way that allows for deepening and widening in case of the need for expansion. This implies that the canal can be used for navigating ships of any size.

The introduction of a vessel traffic management system enhances benefits that can be derived from the canal. This is because the system is accurate and it uses an updated radar network. This canal can also accommodate any number of tankers in ballast trips.

The strategic position of the canal makes it suitable and important not only for Egypt but the entire world. Evolution in maritime transport, as well as world trade, augments the importance of this canal. Today, maritime transport is preferred by most people because it is cheap and over 80 percent of global trade uses sea routes for transportation.

Through the Suez Canal, the cost of operations and time can be saved greatly by using the canal as a route for goods on transit. Thus, the canal is vital in facilitating trade among the regional countries and the world in general. Egypt’s power economically has been strengthened by this canal.

The majority of the developing countries in Asia and the Middle East enjoy huge benefits from the Suez Canal. European countries have opened factories in these countries and engaged in trade activities due to the cheap and efficient transportation provided by the canal.

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