Benefits of Soil Conservation

Sample Essay on Benefits of Soil Conservation

There are many benefits of soil conservation. Soil conservation is a combination of management strategies with an aim of protecting soil from degradation. Soil degradation is the loss of the quality of soil which makes it unsuitable for agricultural production. For instance, soil conservation measures can be aimed at protecting the soil against soil erosion, acidification, or overuse.

One of the benefits of soil conservation is the promotion of soil organisms. Soil organisms include microscopic species as well as relatively large organisms such as earthworm. Soil organisms play a very important role in ensuring that soil maintains high quality.

They ensure that macronutrients are available in the soil. They also enhance aeration of the soil. By burrowing in the soil, microorganisms like the earthworms enhance the creation of channels that facilitate aeration and drainage processes. Thus, ensuring promotion and protection of microorganisms boosts soil fertility.

Soil conservation is also beneficial because it helps in the maintenance of soil PH. Soil PH controls the accessibility of nutrients to the plants that are growing on a soil. For some nutrients such as phosphorous, nitrogen, magnesium and sulfur to be accessible, the soil has to have a neutral or alkaline PH.

When the soil is acidified by chemicals, these nutrients cannot be accessible by the plants that are growing on it. This results in abnormal growth of plants. Soil conservation measures help in maintaining the right PH levels in the soil ensuring that plants are able to access the nutrients that they need for proper growth.

Another benefit of soil conservation if prevention of soil erosion. This is the gradual loss of the top soil layer when it is carried away by ice, water or wind. Soil particles and in some cases mulch are carried away leaving the soil bear. There are places where one cannot notice the actual occurrence of soil erosion. However, after sometimes one realizes that the top layer of the soil which is important for plant growth has been carried away.

When the top layer is carried away, stones and gravel are left and these may not support growth of strong plants. Soil conservation measures offers protection to soil against soil erosion. For instance, introduction of new practices to farmers and building terraces all act as soil conservation measures that helps in the prevention of soil erosion.

In addition, soil conservation can be beneficial to the environment because it entails use of environmental friendly farming practices.

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