Sample Essay on Asian American Small Businesses

Asian American Small Businesses

Asian American small businesses erupted as a result of economic constraints they experienced. Before the year 1965, most of Asian Americans performed odd jobs. They occupied the lowest ladder in the American economy. From the year 1965, professional immigrants increased among the Asian Americans demanding for professional jobs. The American government that limited the immigrant opportunities of being assimilated into professional careers frustrated them.

Asian Americans engage into small businesses due to limited opportunities for immigrants, and their unique characteristics attributed through diverse mentalities and endowed resources they possessed (Fairlie and Robb 35). America discourages and limits job opportunities for immigrants, thus professional Asians started small businesses while unprofessional Asians worked as laborers.

The Differences between 1st generation AA immigrant entrepreneurs and 2nd generation food truck vendors

The first generation settled in their ethnic enclaves and brought with them their ethnic culture, resources, and goods while the second generation was fast assimilated to white dominated areas. The whites ran some of their small businesses.

The Social benefits and social costs of this type of economic activities to American society and AA communities

Small business enterprises in America help to create job opportunity. The competition amongst small businesses helps to lower the cost of goods and services. Therefore, customers get good and services at a lower cost. Another advantage is that small businesses contribute to the general economy of America. However, there are some challenges presented by small businesses. Small businesses lead to the overexploitation of the poor by the rich in America. It has also contributed to the depletion of working condition and wages. Lastly, it accelerates disguised unemployment with cheap labor.

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