Sample Essay on American War in Afghanistan

Sample Essay on American War in Afghanistan

American war in Afghanistan is the intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in conjunction with the allied forces in the continuing civil war in Afghanistan. This war started in 2001 after the attacks of 11th September. The main aim of this intervention was to dismantle the al-Qaeda group by destroying the safe base of its operations. This was to be achieved through the removal of Taliban leadership in Afghanistan.

Before going into war, George W. Bush, the U.S President demanded the handing over of Osama bin Laden as well as the expulsion of al-Qaeda by the Taliban. Taliban refused to extradite Osama but requested him to leave Afghanistan. This is because the Taliban did not have evidence to link him to the 9/11 attacks.

The United States was not ready to negotiate with the Taliban and instead on 7th October 2001 it launched Operation Enduring Freedom together with the U.K. Other forces joined the two later including Northern Alliance.

Taliban was removed from power by the United States and its allies. Military bases were built in Afghanistan near the main cities throughout the country. However, the majority of the al-Qaeda as well as the Taliban escaped to Pakistan and were therefore not captured. Others retreated to the remote or rural mountainous regions.

International Security Assistance Force was established by the United Nations Security Council in the December of 2001. This force was mandated with foreseeing the military operation in Afghanistan while training forces to provide national security in Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai in 2001 was selected during the Bonn Conference to be the head of the interim administration in Afghanistan.

ISAF was led by NATO in 2003. It comprised 43 troops originating from 43 nations. Members of NATO offered the core force. There was a part of the U.S forces that operated under the command of NATO. The other part maintained direct command from America.

In 2003, Mullah Omar who was the leader of the Taliban reorganized this movement and launched another insurgency against ISAF and the government. The insurgencies have occurred severally but outnumbered and outgunned vastly.

These Taliban insurgents such as the Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin and Haqqani Network have waged warfare through ambushes and guerrilla raids in Afghanistan using suicide attacks and turncoat killings. They target the urban centers and coalition forces.

Nevertheless, the American war in Afghanistan despite removing the Taliban from power has been criticized by many people in America with most Americans considering it as the most costly warfare in the history of U.S.

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