Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Energy

Wind energy is not a new concept but one that has been in existence for years. It is one of the most preferred forms of energy because of the benefits it comes with. It is however necessary to look at the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy especially in this age when the world is going green.


  • It is a renewable source of energy which means that the earth continues to provide it and all people have to do is harness and use the energy
  • It is ranked as one of the friendliest sources of energy to the environment because it does not require the burning of fossils for purposes of generating electricity.
  • In terms of space, wind turbines use the least possible space compared to average power stations. Windmills need to occupy only a few square meters and this makes it possible for the land surrounding the turbine to be put to other use for instance agriculture.
  • There are new technologies developed for harnessing wind power which makes the entire exercise more efficient. What is more, wind is free and this means that people are able to cash on it as a free energy source.
  • Wind turbines double up as great resource for generation of energy especially in remote areas like countryside and mountain communities. The size of wind turbines can be tailored to meet the needs of the population using it.
  • When wind energy is combined with solar, it doubles up as a great sourc e of energy for developing and developed countries as it provides a reliable and steady electricity supply.


  • The top most disadvantages associated with wind energy is the unreliability factor. This is in regard to the strength of wind. There are instances when the wind strength is not enough to support wind farm or turbine making it a necessity to settle for other alternatives like geothermal or solar power.
  • In terms of production, wind turbines produce far less electricity compared to average power stations that are fueled by fossil. This requires that multiple wind turbines should be constructed so they can deliver the desired impact.
  • Initial cost of setting up a wind turbine is substantial though there are tax breaks and government subsidies that can help in alleviating this cost.
  • Wind turbines are often known to disrupt the visual look of local landscapes.
  • Wind turbines are noisy unless one lives miles away from them but those living close to them complain of noise pollution.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Wind Energy