Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

For years, geothermal energy has been in existence and simply, it refers to energy that is tapped from the earth. It is a renewable energy source and when it was discovered, it proved to be one of the most revolutionary solutions to energy production. While geothermal energy comes with numerous pros, it also has some cons and some of these are as highlighted below:


  • This type of energy is renewable which means that as long as the earth is not pumped with hot to cool the hot rocks, there will always be energy available.
  • Environmental friendly-As this form of energy comes from the earth, there is no burning of fossil fuels or release of any dreadful or harmful gases as is the case with other forms of energy.
  • Low maintenance-Compared to other forms of energy, geothermal does not need regular servicing and this means that it will cost less in the long run and also reduce the overall hassle that is associated with energy production.
  • Power stations set up for geothermal energy production don’t take up a lot of space and this means they don’t have a large impact on the environment.
  • It does not produce any form of pollution and this means that it does not contribute to greenhouse effect.
  • The efficiency geothermal energy offers to frugal homeowners is yet another major benefit. Once the power station is built, the energy is nearly free. What is required is just a little energy to run the pump and the energy will be tapped without any risks.


  • The major setback associated with geothermal energy is the fact that it is not possible to set up power stations just anywhere. First, an ideal location that offers the hot rocks required to provide energy must be identified. Not all type of rocks work as there are some that are too strong and difficult to be drilled through. Areas that are volcanic are known to provide the highest level of geothermal efficiency.
  • There are instances when geothermal sites run out of steam and this leads to dry energy spells that can last for long periods and at times, stretch for decades.
  • Because there is drilling involved in this type of energy production, potential danger lurks in the entire operation. When the earth is been drilled, it is possible for steam to escape and this can pose a serious threat. There are other instances when hazardous minerals and gases can find their way from under the ground proving to be dangerous and difficult to control.

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