Advantages and Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels

Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are formed from organic remains of prehistoric animals and plants. These fuels are used for production of most of the energy used across the globe. Since the 1900s, the consumption of fossil fuels doubles every twenty years. These fossils include gas, coal and oil. Though this is the major source of energy, it has some advantages and disadvantages that need to be evaluated carefully.


  • Available easily-Fossil fuels have proven to be a great utility as such the extractions are increasing every single day. Geologists across the globe try to find coal mines where they can get these fossil fuels and the demand for the same has increased with the rising population. With advances made in technology and science, the extraction and refinery procedures used to produce this source of energy have improved significantly making their availability easier.
  • Fossil fuels also have the capacity that is needed to generate huge levels of electricity and this can be from just one location.
  • Whenever coal is used in power plants, it is considered cost effective simply because it is readily available and the supply abundant.
  • Low costs-Fossil fuels can be found throughout the globe and the technique used to extract energy that is derived from them is not costly at all. In order to obtain the fuels in a form that is refined, they should be treated properly and this does not require a huge setup or economical investment.
  • Transportation-Industries require regular fossil fuel supply of coal, oil and gas and fossil fuels can be easily transported and stored from one location to another with great ease. Huge reserves of fossil fuels can be easily transferred from coal mines to industries that are located miles away because they are in stable form and what is more, easily portable.


  • Pollution is the major disadvantage associated with use of fossil fuels. This is attributed to the fact that when burnt, they omit carbon dioxide which causes greenhouse effect. This is also one of the factors that contribute to cases of global warming.
  • Acid rain-When fossil fuels are burnt, the gas sulfur dioxide is produced and this causes acid rain. Acid rain, once it falls leads to monuments destruction and especially of those that are made of marbles and brickwork. Crops are also affected as a result of acid rain because of loans acidification. The mining of coal is also destructive to the landscape and endangers mineworkers’ lives. Natural gas is also known to emit nasty smells and cause numerous transport problems.

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