Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Energy

Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Biomass Energy

With the rising concerns about carbon dioxide emission from fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy are becoming more popular throughout the globe. Biomass energy is one such source of renewable energy that is produced from biomass. However, there are two sides to every coin and the following are some of the pros and cons associated with this form of energy.


  • Clean energy-Compared to other forms of energy, biomass is relatively clean as such it can be used by commercial airlines. This also means that it is not only safe for businesses but the environment as well.
  • Recycling potential-Almost all the products of biomass energy production have the potential for recycling. This includes wood and paper mills, landfill disposals, products derived from agricultural fields and sewage among other biodegradable trash. There are different heat and biochemical procedures that can be used in order to produce energy from these sources. Research also indicates that there are bio-energy crops that might aid in reduction of air pollution because they suck monoxide and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere then they release oxygen into the air.
  • Reduced fossil pressure-Biomass energy is considered the best alternative to conventional energy sources for the simple they are finite and non-recyclable. Also, if fossil use continues without an alternative source, it is likely the resource will be exhausted and people will be left to face a crisis.
  • Wasteland restoration-Biomass energy has the ability to turn harmful waste into an energy resource that is useful. For instance, rubbish can be burnt to create biomass energy that is usable.


  • Land area-Biomass energy production plants require large land surface area to set up and this poses the debate of fuel versus food. The question is whether land should be used for purposes of energy production or crop production.
  • Air pollution and global warming-The techniques used to produce this type of energy include combustion or pyrolysis both of which are known to pollute the environment. The emissions which include carbon dioxide mainly are responsible for global warming and burning of the biomass that is carbon rich leads to release of the pollutant into the atmosphere. It is important to state that some of these emissions though can be prevented through use of specialized filters and also crops can act as filters because they take carbon dioxide which they require from the atmosphere.
  • Abundance-This form of energy is always readily available and it is often produced as a resource that is renewable. It can be found anywhere and includes plants or animal wastes as well as waste products that are derived from organic sources.

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